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StepWalk Pedometer


StepWalk is an app loaded with handy features for walking such as a pedometer. By walking with your device, it records the number of steps you've taken and your location information. This app has been certified safe by a third party organization. of the app's features are as follows: ●PedometerCounts the number of steps you've taken and displays time, distance and calories. To avoid counting unwanted steps, it will start recording from the 10th step. (But not when in sleep mode.)By turning off "COUNT" on the main screen, you can turn off the pedometer. ※ As the retrieval of location information operates simultaneously with the pedometer, when "COUNT" is turned off, "LOCATION" will also be turned off. ●GraphThe Day・Week・Month・Rank of the recorded number of steps will be displayed as a graph. ("Rank" displays the top 50 days in recorded steps.)By selecting "Display calorie" on the graph screen menu, you can also see the calorie graph. You can adjust stride and weight of specific dates in "Day".●MapDisplays the recorded walking route. If the GPS is on while walking, a "footprint" will be displayed and a "pin" will be displayed if the GPS is turned off and "Use wireless networks" is turned on. When you tap the info window or long press the map, it displays the Street View.By turning off "LOCATION" on the main screen, you can turn off location retrieval. ○ Time SelectionBy selecting the target time, the approximate location at that time will be displayed on the map as a "miniature bulb". ○ View Photos Any photos taken during the day will be displayed at the bottom. Selecting the photo (setting it in the center by swiping) will display the approximate location where the photo was taken on the map with a "treasure chest". Tap on the photo to enlarge it. ○Location info emailThe location information will create a URL link of your location on Google Maps and will open a mailer or an SMS app. By sending this to someone you want to inform of your location, the recipient will be able to see your location on Google Maps (app or web). ●SettingsSet stride, weight, pedometer sensitivity and location accuracy (GPS, network). ●Backup, restore and manipulationYou can backup and restore data from the main menu.
For more details, please refer to the help section in the app menu. ("?" icon)
*** Note ***● Display the screen once after the installation. ※ Task killer apps will force quit apps operating in the background. Using these apps will prevent accurate counting. ※Android 4.4.2 has issue that background apps are not restarted.※Android 5.0.1 and 5.0.2 has issue that background apps are killed.● Positioning by GPS alone will consume power. We do our best to reduce power consumption, but the amount of consumption will depend on the GPS receiver in your device.
※This software includes the work that is distributed in the Apache License 2.0
※ We have contacted Trend Micro Inc. about our app being detected by virusbuster and we have been informed that they could not find any threats. Please contact Trend Micro Inc. if there is a false positive.